How Can I Build Up the Women I Work With?

The staff at any work environment is part of the common goal of achieving success for the company. That is the hope for any business. Unfortunately, there are toxic conditions created in some work environments that impede a company’s growth. Most of that toxicity is directed toward women. Blame can be placed on a corporate culture that has long permitted these kinds of abuses. The way to turn the tide is for women to take charge of their destinies by supporting each other in the workplace.

Back Each Other Up

Any woman in the office can shine through a personal accomplishment. Backing up the female workers in your office means making yourself available to them. You might have a certain skill set that you can help a female coworker develop as her own. Offering words of encouragement is another positive way to reinforce that you’re supporting all the women that you are working with. This encouragement can come in a staff meeting or through a company-wide email. This lets the women on your staff know that they are appreciated and that they are part of the team.

Beware the Bystander Effect

Out in the “world,” people are encouraged by law enforcement officials that if you see something, you should say something. That philosophy should also apply to the work environment. Workplace bullying is sorely underreported. If the 12 percent of workers who reported seeing it compared to the 40 percent of workers who reported experiencing it is anything to go by. This is one area where women are the most at risk. It is an area where everyone should speak up more. Speaking up begins with reporting bullying incidents to the human resources department. It is also vital to create a written record of any incident that you witness against a female member of the staff. If the bullying of your female coworkers is allowed to go unchecked, then you could become the next target.

Create a Support Group

A workday is full of meetings and tasks to complete. There isn’t a lot of time for personal conversations that can foster support among the women you work with. Those conversations might need to happen outside of the work environment. It might help to create a support group for the women in your office. This might be vitally important for African-American women who often face unique obstacles in the workplace that only other African-American women can appreciate. This can be a core group of female coworkers who meet regularly for lunch or after work. This is where grievances can be aired and further support and encouragement can be offered. It is also the perfect environment to simply let off steam. A lot can be said for the occasional airing of grievances! 

The more you can back up the women that you work with, the more that workplace will thrive. You could also be setting yourself up as a leader in your company. By promoting a culture of respect and encouragement, everyone at your company, especially the women, will have a better workplace experience.

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