Innovations That Are Making Education More Available to Underprivileged Women Around the World

Many changes are improving the lives of people around the world. This is particularly true for women in remote areas who experienced extremely tough conditions in the past that made it hard, if not impossible, for them to obtain an education. Here are three innovations that are making education more available to underprivileged women worldwide.

Renewable Electricity

One of the ways the lives of women is becoming easier is that more of them are living in homes and attending schools where electricity is available for the very first time. This is a life changer because it allows women to study when it is dark outside. It also means that some are able to get on the internet and own mobile phones for the first time. Programs like Luci Light are offering solar lights in areas where running electric lines may be cost prohibitive or dangerous. Others, like Uncharted Play, are using technology to deliver electricity to communities in new ways.

Online Schooling

There are many more opportunities for women to get an education online than ever before. One of the leaders in this area is Dell's Youth Learning program that allows young people in more than 15 countries to get basic science, technology and math training online using technology the company supplies. Then, women can take that education further by taking upper-level online classes.

For example, with a simple online criminal justice degree, a woman can get qualified to start working in law enforcement, corrections, community service, government, nonprofit organizations, and many other areas. Even in the U.S., online education can substantially increase an African American woman's salary potential. Other programs are allowing people to take free college courses online, increasing the amount of knowledge that they can use in their own lives and their communities.

Water Availability

Many women in the world's poorest countries spend hours carrying water to their families, with many women walking many miles, multiple times a day. Several companies and nonprofits are addressing this problem so that women can be free to complete other tasks to enrich their lives and families. has built 813 water projects in 20 countries, impacting over 470,000 people. Meanwhile, Blood:Water has joined forces with many grassroots organizations in Africa to improve conditions there.

The role of women is slowly changing all over the world. As water becomes more available, they'll have time to focus on education that is available through the internet on many mobile devices. Once they start learning, many discover that they have an interest or ability in a particular area, so they take advanced courses. The result is that they can then use these skills to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

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